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Let the journey begin - but never end!

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PlanetHop! has scoured the world in search of the most amazing and diverse places to see.  The challenge to all of our “PlanetHoppers!” is to visit as many of these Top Destinations as possible, check-in at PlanetHop! and be awarded unique Destination Stamps, which will be featured in your PlanetHop! Passport.  Not only that, you will be awarded points by claiming Top Destination Stamps and for activity on this website.  This will help you achieve different PlanetHop! Ranks and allow you to compete with your fellow PlanetHoppers! for glory!


For years we traveled the world and now we've created the ultimate travel website. With features including Quick Guides, Auction, Blog, Forum, Travel Articles and our very own Social Network, PlanetHop! has everything a traveler could possibly need, so register today to become a PlanetHopper!

- Ash & Dave

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