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It all started with a conversation. Passionate travelers, the co-founders of PlanetHop! wanted to create a new kind of travel website that would stand apart from the rest. They asked a few simple questions of themselves. What is missing? What can be improved? What can be innovated? What can be revolutionized? The result of those discussions – and some blood, sweat and tears – led to the creation of PlanetHop!

PlanetHop! is a one-stop portal for travelers (aka "PlanetHoppers!" - a term that we've coined and with your help, it will grow...) Why go to several different websites to plan your trip, when you can find it all in one spot? PlanetHop! combines the power of a Social Network (thanks Facebook!), Blog and Forum, with the ability to document all of your adventures "from the road" by collecting "stamps" to the world's coolest destinations in your very own ePassport. Believe us when we tell you that it took the better part of an entire year alone to come up with perhaps the internet's most comprehensive library of travel destinations. Each month, we'll be releasing new stamps to more and more great top destinations. The idea is to claim as many stamps as you can, get rewarded with points, and compete with your fellow PlanetHoppers! for glory!


But don't for a moment think that this is all that PlanetHop! has to offer – heck no! This is just the beginning. We also feature thousands of gorgeous photos and offer up a range of travel articles from our stable of writers that will not only enchant and amaze, but will also inspire you to get out there and explore this amazing planet of ours – and plan it (of course) through our one-stop Travel Desk and Book It! features. And don't forget to check out our Auction and Classified sections that will make sure that you're fully kitted out for that vacation of a lifetime.

To sum things up, the PlanetHop! experience is made up of a lot of different elements, all combined in a simple, easy to use formula. Finding what you want, whether its information, advice or just access to a network of friends from around the world – it's all waiting for you here.

Any way you slice it, PlanetHop! has something for everyone. Our motto is, Let the journey begin... but never end. We invite you to come and join us on the journey of a lifetime.

Happy PlanetHopping!

- Ash & Dave

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