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    Antarctica is an immense, untamed white wilderness that is a paradise for marine life such as blue whales, orcas, colossal squids, fur seals, reindeer, and millions and millions of penguins. There are majestic mountains, glaciers, and icebergs at every turn. The number of things to see here will surprise you. Highlights include the Lemaire Channel, one of the most visited places in Antarctica. This narrow strait cuts through sheer ice cliffs and snow-topped mountain peaks, where glacial calving is common and penguin colonies and basking seals crowd the coastline. South Georgia and South Shetland Islands are a collection of many small islands, where penguins and sea birds carpet the landscape and is the ideal spot for Zodiac excursions to get a closer view. McMurdo Sound is a place of polar winds and pristine icebergs and awesome vistas. You can trek across the vast Ross Ice Shelf and discover new shades of blue. A journey to the "last continent" many be expensive and not so easy to get to, but the experience will be unforgettable.


    Lemaire Channel - Antarctica
    South Georgia Island - Antarctica
    Ross Ice Shelf - Antarctica
    South Shetland Islands - Antarctica
    McMurdo Sound - Antarctica