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    North America is one of the most interesting and diverse of all the continents. While the United States often comes to mind when thinking of North America, there is, in fact, much more to this region. No one should forget Uncle Sam's neighbors to the North and South - Canada and Mexico. From the Arctic tundra of the far north, to the cobble-stoned streets of Old Québec, Canada is a mix of cultures unique to the continent, with strong Anglo and French influences. Highlights include the majestic Niagara Falls and the regal Château Frontenac. But not to be upstaged, Mexico's allure cannot be denied, whether you're seeking the perfect beach, unique festivals like the Day of the Dead, or some of the most amazing ruins on the planet like Chichen Itza. Then, of course, you have the United States, which hosts an array of world class destinations, including the Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone National Park, New Orleans' Mardi Gras, and the classic Route 66 road trip - to name only a few. But not to be forgotten are the islands of Bermuda and Saint Pierre & Miquelon, which are actually part of North America. Unique bastions of French and British culture are on full display in the capitals of Saint-Pierre and St. George. And massive Greenland to the far north features the breathtaking Ilulissat Icefjord. So if you're interested in experiencing a diversity of cultures, man-made feats, and wonders of nature that will enlighten, as well as excite you, then North America is the place for you. It truly offers something for every PlanetHopper!


    Statue of Liberty - USAChichen Itza - MexicoGrand Canyon - USAChâteau Frontenac - CanadaYellowstone National Park - USA

     Cave of the Crystals - Mexico
    Rocky Mountaineer - Canada
    CN Tower - Canada
    Las Vegas Strip - USA
    Ilulissat Icefjord - Greenland

    Florida Keys - USA
    Kilauea Volcano - USA
    Inside Passage - USA
    Monarch Butterfly Reserve - Mexico
     St. George's - Bermuda

    Alcatraz Island - USA
     Day of the Dead - Mexico Empire State Building - USA Route 66 - USANiagara Falls - Canada

    Disney World - USA
    Whistler Mountain - Canada
    Giant Forest - USA
    Mardi Gras New Orleans - USA
    Crater of Diamonds State Park - USA

    Times Square - USASanint-Pierre - St. Pierre and MiquelonTulum - Mexico
    Stanley Park - Canada
    Cancún - Mexico