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What types of photos can I submit?

Since this is a travel-related site, photos should have something to do with travel or feature something from around this wonderful planet of ours that stands out in some way, including people, places, animals, flora & fauna, etc.  Photos should not be average -- but of great quality.

What types of photos should I Not submit?

Do not submit photos that you do not own the rights to or violate any trademarks, licenses, or copyrights.

Do not submit photos that contain prominent advertising, pornographic, inappropriate or sexually explicit photos; photos that defame individuals, groups or promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, weapons and firearms.

For example: don't send us pictures of really nice cars, or pictures of your relatives -- unless they are somehow featured in a travel-related photo.

Do I still own the rights to the photos that I submit?

Yes, you own the rights to your photos.  However, it is very important that you only submit photos that are free of copyright and able to be used under the appropriate license agreement(s). If you did not personally take the photo and are required to credit and/or notify the person who took the photo, then please ensure that this is done prior to submitting the photo.

Do I get paid for my photos?

No, you do not get paid for any photos submitted to PlanetHop!  

How large can the photos be?

The max file size for each photo should not exceed 13 mb. 

For multiple photo submissions, we require that they be zipped (no TAR files please).  However, be conscious of the size limitation on zip files that are enforced by email services such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Zip files submitted to PlanetHop! should not be large than 13 gb.

What types of photo formats are accepted?

jpg, png, bmp, gif only.

Can digitally-enhanced photos be submitted?

Yes.  As long as they are within reason are not created from scratch.  We like to feature pictures that are a "true" reflection of what's found on this planet and not on a computer hard drive! 

Will you alter submitted photos?

Generally we do not manipulate submitted photos. However, we do retain the right to alter any submitted photos, as we see fit, for best presentation on the website, including our newsletter. This can include, but is not limited to re-sizing photos, converting the photo to a different format and adjusting the brightness, sharpness or any other color adjustment required to improve the quality of the image.

Are Black and White photos accepted?

Generally we prefer color pictures. However, if you submit a black and white photo that stands out in some way, it can still be featured on our website and be eligible for consideration in the Monthly Photo Contest.

What should I submit with the photos?

We require that you submit a Caption and Brief Description - such as location or place taken - for each and every photo submitted.  It would be a shame if we rejected a great photo, jus becaus you didn't submit this information! Cry 

For example:

The caption can be:  The Colors of Holi, Paris at sunset, Burj Kalifa Towers - Dubai, Sunflowers in bloom, etc.

Sample description: This photo was taken in Mumbai, India during the festival of Holi.  Holi is the Festival of Colors that is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and others during Spring in India each year and can last up to sixteen days!

How many photos can I submit at the same time?

Please do not submit more than 10 photos at a time.  They should be varied and not 10 photos of the same thing!  

For multiple photo submissions, we require that they be Zipped (no TAR files please).  However, be conscious of the size limitation on zip files that are enforced by email services such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Zip files submitted to PlanetHop! should not be larger than 13 gb.

If any of my photos are chosen, when will they be featured on the PlanetHop! website?

Your photos will go into our queue. We may already have photos selected to be featured several months ahead of time. But never fear, if your photo is simply fantastic, it's possible to jump the line!

Can I have my photos removed from the site?

Yes, although to do this you have to contact us in writing or by email. However, if your photo is being featured during that month, we reserve the right to delete it at our convenience or at the time when the next month's photos are featured.

How long do you keep my photos?

Indefinitely, unless you contact us directly to remove/delete any submitted photos.

However, we reserve the right to purge/delete photos that were featured in some way in the past at any time, as well as photos that have not passed our photo criteria or have not been chosen by PlanetHop! to be featured in some manner.

Who determines what photos are featured?

The PlanetHop! Photos Team determines what photos are featured. 

Where will my photos be featured?

Submitted photos can be featured in our Photos section, header, newsletter, articles or anywhere on our website.  

Will I get credit for my photos on the website?

The only photos that will be credited will be the monthly photo contest winners, where the winner's name will be mentioned. Otherwise, generally no other credit will be given (name, link, etc.) for photos that are featured anywhere on our website or in our newsletter. (We reserve the right to make exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis.)


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How can I enter the Monthly Photo Contest?

Submit your photos using the Submission form on Submit Photos page.  You are automatically entered when you submit photos to be featured by PlanetHop! 

Who is eligible to win?

Any legal resident of the planet Earth!  Except for employees of PlanetHop!  and Broad Skys LLC (the parent company of PlanetHop!)

Who is not eligible to enter the Monthly Photo Contest?

Employees of PlanetHop! or Broad Skys LLC.  

What are the prizes?

Right now there is no physical or monetary prize - except bragging rights!

Does it cost any money to enter the contest?


How many winners are there each month?

Only one (for now).

Who judges the contest?

The PlanetHop! Photos Team. 

When is the winner announced?

Generally, a new winner is announced each month.  

Can I win the Monthly Photo Contest more than once?

Yes, if another one of your photos is chosen as a monthly photo contest winner, you can win again!

How will I be notified if I am the winner of the Monthly Photo Contest?

You will be notified by email.  

By submitting photos to PlanetHop!, you agree and acknowledge to the following:

Copyright:  You own rights/copyright to the photos submitted to PlanetHop! or have received the permission to submit the photos from a third party and that the photos have not been illicitly or illegally obtained and do not infringe upon the rights of any third party.  If we discover that you did not legally own the rights to submitted photos after they have been posted on this site or it was chosen as a photo contest winner, we reserve the right to disqualify and remove any photos at our own discretion without any notice.

Photo and Reproduction Rights:  You retain ownership of the photos that you submit. However, by submitting photos to PlanetHop!, you grant us the right to use the photos anywhere on this website, including and not limited to the header, photo pages, articles, banner ads and our newsletter.  However, we will not use the photos for any print advertisement without your express permission.

Liability:  All photos are submitted at your own risk.  We do not accept any risk, damage or liability in association with photo submissions.  Any legal ramifications related to photo submissions shall be borne entirely by the submitter of the photos and not by PlanetHop! or its parent company Broad Skys LLC. 

Please refer to the PlanetHop! Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for further details.


The contents of the Photo Submission Guidelines are subject to change without any notice.


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