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Broad Skys LLC Freelance Writer's Guidelines


Broad Skys LLC "Broad Skys" is the parent company of PlanetHop!, the internet's most innovative travel website. PlanetHop!'s motto is summarized by the simple statement – "Let the journey begin... but never end". PlanetHop! has scoured the world in search of the world's most amazing, diverse and unique travel experiences. The challenge to all of our "PlanetHoppers" is to visit as many of these destinations as possible in the never-ending quest to experience all that the world has to offer. To help our member's achieve this goal, we invite writers who have a lust for travel and are able to document their adventures in an articulate, exciting, vivid and colorful manner that will inspire everyone at PlanetHop! to get out there and explore our amazing planet.


Type of Articles

The articles sought fall into three (3) specific Categories:


1. Destinations

The PlanetHop! Passport provides the canvas for all of the destinations that we want our members to be able to explore in the form of high quality, original articles. Articles selected will be published both on the PlanetHop! website, as well as featured in our weekly Newsletter. We want to make sure as many people see them as possible! Please keep in mind that the primary goal of these articles is to transport someone to the destination and make it a mandatory on their "must visit" list.

Destinations that are not currently included as part of the PlanetHop! Passport will also be considered for publications. We're always looking for that 'diamond in the rough' to share with our members. However, these will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2. Unique Travel Experiences

In addition to visiting the world's most amazing destinations, PlanetHop! also wants to keep a finger on the pulse of what makes travelers tick, with original articles focused on unique travel experiences. It's not always about visiting a world famous destination. It's more about having that truly awesome experience that will live with you for the rest of your life. This could include a culinary experience, where you have tasted something unique and mouth-watering from around the world or perhaps an amazing wildlife encounter that has totally blown you away, or even seeing the most gorgeous plant or flower that has seared itself in your mind. Who knows, your travel experience may be as simple as watching a sporting event that people will still be talking about in 100 years. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it must be unique and will inspire others to walk in your footsteps.

In addition to bringing the Destination or Unique Travel Experience to life, it must also include the following key aspects:

- Current costs associated with visiting the destination or organizing a similar experience.

- Current information on how to organize to visit the destination.

- Details on the best time(s) to visit the destination.

- Details on any special requirements (equipment, permissions, etc.) needed to visit the destination

- Five (5) accompanying photos to compliment article.

- Any other details that are requested by the Broad Skys editor.


3. General Travel Advice

To enable our "PlanetHoppers!" to realize their travel plans to the fullest, we are also interested in original articles focused on General Travel Advice. These can be on a wide range of topics, as long as they provide realistic guides that will save our members time, money or enhance their travel experience.

This category of article must include the following key aspects:

 - A clear explanation of what the average traveler will gain by following the writer's advice.

 - The writer's personal experience of how the advice helped them in their travels.

 Guidance on where to locate any required good/services that are recommended as part of the article (tour operators, equipment, etc).

 -Three to five (3 - 5) accompanying photos to compliment article.

 - Any other details that are requested by the Broad Skys editor.


An example of an article that falls in this category includes Managing Your Money on the Road. However, one focused on A Guide to Money Belts would be too narrow of a topic.

Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

Broad Skys accepts both solicited and un-solicited articles that have not been previously published. It is very important to read these guidelines carefully and follow all instructions. The time required to review articles fully is extensive and these requirements have been developed to speed up the process as much as is possible. Be considerate to us and we will do the same!

The Co-Founders of PlanetHop! are both passionate writers and promise to carefully review each submission in a fair and honest fashion. We are honored by the fact that you have taken the time to submit your work to us and will treat each article with the utmost respect.


Featured Author Pages

Based upon the writer's credentials, Broad Skys would also consider providing "seasoned" writers with their very own featured/dedicated page on the PlanetHop! website. This would allow writers to post their articles – chosen by Broad Skys - at no cost and retain the rights, with the one stipulation that articles cannot be reprinted, resold or syndicated for one (1) year from the date of initial publication.



All queries should be made via e-mail according to the contact details at the end of these guidelines. Please don't call – we may be out on the road anyway, so no one will answer! Queries should be no more than 1 page and include all of the following information:

 - Article Category

 - Dates that the Trip was based upon

 - Brief Writer Bio (including travel history and writing experience)

 - Writer head-shot photo (to accompany bio and article)

 - Proposed delivery date


Article Requirements

Broad Skys will consider original articles that meet all of the following requirements, unless otherwise agreed to in advance:

1200 – 2,500 words

 - Includes all of the criteria based upon the Categories defined above.

 - The article must be in English, spell-checked and conform to standard English vernacular (basically, limit the slang).

 - The article must be in MS Word format - no pdfs or scans accepted.

 - Photos must be in JPEG or PNG format with a brief description and at least 3 megapixels or above.

 - Article cannot contain foul language or be libelous (keep it clean and polite, please).

 - Response time on all queries is 2-4 weeks.


Unsolicited Articles

Unsolicited Articles must meet all of the article requirements specified above, as well as include the following:

 - Clear declaration that the article has not been previously published in any form including print or electronic media

 - Writer contact details, including contact phone number, and e-mail address clearly identified on each page of the article.


We will strive to respond to all unsolicited articles within 4-6 weeks – if not sooner!


Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines and we look forward to reading your work.  Cheers!

Rights & Payments

Article Rights

All articles that Broad Skys purchases for publication are done so with the understanding that Broad Skys owns all rights to the articles from the time of purchase. Broad Skys reserves the right to edit the article but won't make major changes to the content of the article without discussing it first with the writer. As stated above, we recognize how close these articles are to your heart and won't make any noticeable changes without a consult.

Broad Skys reserves the right to reprint all articles on any current or future websites or in any other form of media it chooses. In the event that articles are reprinted, the writer is entitled to a reprint payment.

In the event that you would prefer to retain All rights, then your article(s) can still be submitted to Broad Skys through the same fashion as outlined below. However, if published, these articles will be done so completely free of charge with the stipulation that they cannot be reprinted, resold or syndicated by the writer for one (1) year from the date of initial publication.

Photo Rights

All photos that accompany article must be free of copyright and able to be published, in any format, including electronic and print media, chosen by Broad Skys. It is very important that you own the rights to or are able to verify that they are creative common licensed. In many cases, photos can be just as important as the written word. Broad Skys shall not be liable for any copyright issues arising from the use of photos submitted with purchased articles. It is solely the writer's responsibility to make certain that photos can be reprinted in any format that Broad Skys may choose.



Payment for articles (with Broad Skys gaining full rights) will be made at the time of publishing. Broad Skys pays very competitve rates for articles that meet all of the requirements outlined in the sections above. Articles that are accepted for publication must be accompanied by an invoice to enable the payment to be processed. All payments will be made via check or Paypal.


These guidelines are subject to chance at any time without notice.


Contact Details

Please click on the link below if you are interested in writing articles for PlanetHop! or if you have any other questions related to articles.

Contact the PlanetHop! Editorial Team.

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